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Welcome to Castle Construction, a family-run business founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Becca & Scott. After parallel careers in software engineering (Becca) and large-scale civil engineering (Scott), Castle Construction was set up to deliver where so many other construction companies fail. Quality of materials and finish, delivering on timelines and a truly personal service are what comes first at Castle Construction. Corners are never cut, and expectations are always exceeded.

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What Does Castle Construction Do?

Castle Construction works mainly on behalf of private domestic clients in and around our HQ in Brighton and Hove, and the surrounding areas of East and West Sussex. We also work with commercial clients, and will be happy to discuss your needs.

Our Important Construction Distinction

We have a high level of technical experience and, modesty aside, we’re different from most other construction companies in the local area.  Why?  Because not only are we gold-standard builders, we specialise in the more complex structural projects that could make a real difference to your property.

Most builders don’t offer this level of expertise. (In our opinion.)

Also, we’re groundwork construction specialists.  In other words, you could ask us to build a basement from scratch – giving you the extra space you’ve always needed. Everything we deliver is meticulously planned, clearly communicated and flawlessly constructed.   We’re not your average building business.

Our respectful, empathetic approach, industry knowledge and attention to detail has won us many referrals and recommendations. Also, the Castle team works closely with structural engineers and architects to deliver a first-class result. Keen to know more? Well so are we! Click here to make contact, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Ethos:

Innovation, Integrity and Trust in your Home

We’d like to be your obvious choice.  Your go-to option for construction projects. Castle Construction upholds important professional and personal values, and we’d like to share them with you.

A personal note: here at Castle Construction, we’re parents first and builders second.  Like you, we worry about our children and understand that you may be  concerned about the impact that a building project will have on your family life. You could be thinking:

  • How long will the project last?
  • Will there be much disruption?
  • Can you deliver exactly what we agreed?

Don’t be concerned.  We identify with your needs as a family. We also understand your wishes for absolute minimum disruption and for the work to be completed quickly.

Read more about our values

These are our core standards:

We Deliver on Our Promises

The team here simply couldn’t NOT do this.  It’s not in our nature. We’re a solid, secure business that operates to the very highest quality standards. All our work is planned and carried out under contract, with both parties agreeing to Terms and Conditions that protect us jointly before we start.

We offer estimates and quotes, depending on where you are in the process.  The former will give you indicative pricing, with the latter containing definitive “deliverables” and accurate costs. Then, what we’ve promised to do, is what we’ll do.

We ONLY do what we do best

While we are proud to house a multitude of skills and services within Castle Construction, we strictly focus on the projects and builds where we know we can deliver amazing results with life-changing spaces.

Are we a general all-round construction business? No, we are not. We are a home improvement project business, meaning we won’t be distracted by small jobs here and there. We don’t do piecemeal work like building single walls, random electric or plastering jobs, or putting up your garden fence. We are dedicated to larger projects that transform your home and your life meaning that when you engage Castle Construction, you get our full, undivided attention.

By sticking to what we know best (we can always offer you recommendations for the other jobs) you can rest assured that you’re safe in our hands.

We believe in treating our team fairly

We believe strongly in fair wages (we’ve signed up to the Brighton and Hove Council Living Wage scheme) and maintain that a happy, motivated group people are much more productive.

Read more about our approach to the Castle team in our Work with us section. Also, it should go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: we pay our bills on time; and, with a standard model for pricing, our fees are reasonable – not excessive. And, how much do we charge?  Well, it’s worth contacting us to find out more.

Speak to us today, call 01273 329965

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