Forget location: it’s all about expansion, expansion, expansion

Posted 7th June 2022

Ok as a slight disclaimer, location is important. But if you love where you live and are thinking of moving to give your family more space, why not consider expanding what you know and love instead?

Tradition dictates extending upwards, sideways or downwards, (and if any of these sound appealing then do get in touch, because as our portfolio proudly displays, we’re experts in all three).

But have you considered a whole new space, within the confines of your garden?

The advantages

The primary plus-points of this are two-fold – or rather fall into two tranches, for the advantages are many. Those tranches being:

  1. You enjoy the many great benefits that a garden room brings to your home (which include but are by no means limited to: a home office, gym, man cave, home cinema, music room, studio, playroom, library, a place to entertain guests, or just a place of sanctuary for a bit of peace and quiet).


  1. You add value to your property and increase its ‘saleability’. Our garden rooms, which are extremely high-end and constructed to only the very highest, exacting standards, will serve as an asset to your property straight away. Furthermore, they will remain so, as they’re made out of extremely high-quality material that will stand the test of time significantly longer than their wooden counterparts.

There is also of course the option to enjoy a heady mix of the two – glean all the joy and comfort of having a garden room, and then in the long-term, if you ever do decide to sell, you’ve added value to your home. It’s what you might accurately describe as a win/win.

Built to last

With a sturdy concrete slab foundation and a durable steel frame, our garden rooms are designed to be enjoyed for decades to come – whether that be by you, your children, or the lucky future owners of your home.

In fact, many of our design decisions are driven by longevity and sustainability – the focus is on the durability and permanence of the structure. The aluminium-clad steel frames will outlive any traditional cladding or timber frames and need none of the maintenance that timber requires either.

In a similar vein, the modern methods of construction and prefabrication we employ also result in significantly less waste, as the components are made specifically for your unit.

There’s also the option to install solar panels to source renewable energy and reduce your bills or help maintain the biodiversity in your garden by including a ‘green roof’, with its own grass and other plants.

When it comes to fauna, on the other hand, our garden rooms are pleasingly inhospitable – foxes and rodents like to nest underneath elevated buildings, but our garden rooms are built on a concrete foundation, so there is simply no room for them, and they’ll have to nest elsewhere.

To find out more about the value a garden room could add to your home, their sustainability credentials, or simply to find out more, get in touch today. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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