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Posted 13th October 2021
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Since 2020 threw us what could politely be referred to as a curve ball, our lives have changed. The way we interact, our new-found vocabulary (quarantini anyone?) but most of all the way we spend our time.

We won’t labour the point too much, but the fact is we’ve all been at home a lot more. And whether furloughed, home-schooling or quarantining, there have been challenges aplenty for everyone.  

Most have these revolved around space. After all, our homes became our office, school, gym… the list goes on. And quite apart from all of these, we all needed (or wanted) somewhere to escape to – to be alone, to get a little bit of ‘me time.’

It was in the midst of all this that we at Castle Construction hit upon an idea… after all, what we really all wanted was space. Space to do whatever we needed to do, without the noise of everybody else… or actually just space to be away from everybody else. 

There’s always the option to build an extension of course (and if that’s what you’re after, we would love to speak to you about it), but those are nothing new for us. We’ve been extending people’s homes and giving them more room (or rooms) since mobile phones were too big to fit in your pocket and there were only five channels on television.

So we started to offer Castle Garden rooms. 

What is a Castle garden room?

Forget the potting shed and the man cave, this is a super high-end extension to your home, in your garden. It’s an extra room, a place to get away without getting away – it’s breathing space.

To find out more about what your garden room might look like, or how it might work as part of your home, get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation. We’re very happy to talk through your ideas and help you bring them to life.

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