Now Is The Ideal Time to Get Started on Your Castle Garden Room!

Posted 13th May 2022

The sun is shining, in true British fashion the smell of BBQ smoke wafts through the air and there is a sense of anticipation as the weather turns warmer. Now is the perfect time to get started on your Castle Garden room. Whether you want to utilise the space in your garden or add value to your house (yes – a Garden Room can increase the value of your house!), read on to find out how you can and why you should…

A better work-life balance…

Now more than ever, there is a high demand for more space in the home, and more importantly, a better use of your existing space. We can help bring your dreams into reality by creating whatever room you desire, complete with a beautiful, high-quality finish. Spend your summer evenings entertaining friends in a stunning, comfortable room which not only compliments your home but gives you an escape! 

With working-from-home being more popular thanks to the recent pandemic, home owners are also trying to find ways to build their own office space. By adding a Garden Room to your property, you’re enabling a workspace away from the office AND the home which can be completely customised to your needs – no more working from the kitchen table! Although people aren’t commuting to the office every day, by having a Garden Room you’re instilling a routine of leaving the house to go to work; a Garden Room can consolidate the physical and mental distance between your work-life balance.

Why now?

So why is now the perfect time for the installation of a garden room? Because of the endless opportunities having a garden room offers! It is the ideal time to start your construction journey so that your beautiful garden room is ready for the summer! We spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine, so why not enhance that experience?! Not only this, but constructing a garden room now is so much easier than deciding to construct in the Winter, with no Christmas breaks getting in the way of your dream garden room!

But why choose a Castle Garden Room over another supplier?

Because they are built to last – in fact, they’re so durable that your children’s children will be able to enjoy them! We use sturdy steel with aluminium cladding, as opposed to traditional wood, which simply doesn’t last as long. Not only are they long-lasting, we have a wealth of styles to suit your needs, with no maintenance required at all. 

We do have a core system to our garden rooms, but they are fully bespoke and configurable meaning that we take the modular system and turn it into any kind of space you desire. With working from home/entertaining at home/holidaying at home being a prominent theme over the last few years, there’s never been a better time to create a stunning and unique space in your home, or more specifically, your garden. 

You can also enjoy all the modern comforts of your home in your garden room; any amenities that you have in your home can be installed in your room. Whether this be WiFi, AC, heating/plumbing, solar panels or electricity – there’s no compromise!

Increase value as well as space.

The housing market is busy and turbulent at the moment, so a great way to add significant value to your home is with a Garden Room. Pippa Newton John, Business Manager at Lawton & Dawe properties (estate agent) told us “A garden room can really add valuable space and value to a property. The pandemic in particular shifted people’s need for a separate space in their homes; some people found themselves working from home more regularly, some wanted a space for children to have a dedicated play area, and some people wanted somewhere outside their four walls to entertain or escape to! The trend has continued and we are finding garden rooms to be a more popular feature when people are looking to buy.”.

House Builder and Developer state that a Garden Room can add 5% to the value of the property; and with the housing market rising there’s no better time to increase the value of your home, while adding a unique selling point to your property. Not only this, but a garden room enhances your lifestyle – so now is the perfect time to get building so you can enjoy it for the Summer and beyond to the colder months.

We can build the Garden Room of your dreams, whether you want to go all out or keep it simple!

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