A Spring In Your Step – Brighton

We were invited to work with Millimetre on this prestigious art installation project. We were introduced to Millimetre via a mutual contact and they asked us to assist, specifically with the brickwork.

Of paramount importance on this project was the health and safety. On top of all the requisite documentation and checks, there were several rounds of review so that everyone knew exactly what they were doing. This is particularly important when working at heights over 20m!

The artwork was designed by prominent British sculptor Alex Chinneck and the piece is called ‘A spring in your step’

Chinneck describes his sculptures as “contextually responsive”, and in the case of Circus Street, he took into consideration the many entryways to the location, attempting to “design a sculpture that offered something to all of them,” he says. “The artwork responds to the shape, materiality and arrangement of the surrounding buildings, and the spaces between them. The architecture of Circus Street is tall, narrow and angular in design and the staircase introduces a moment of fluidity that bursts beyond the envelope of the building on which it hangs.”

The main challenge on this project, aside from the health and safety of course, was coordinating – making sure everyone managed to get their piece of work completed ready for the next resource – This was no mean feat when dealing with the wintery winds and heights above 20m.

Project notes:



Project Duration

4 weeks

  • Structural Engineering

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