Chris and Joanna – Basement – Brighton

Chris and Joanna called us out to look at their beautiful bungalow, as they had grand plans to unlock its potential.

And that’s exactly what we did for them – by adding a basement floor below and building a loft conversion above we were able to make the most of every inch of their home’s footprint.

The complex nature of their home’s structural design meant we had to take great care in both the planning and execution stages. We needed to simultaneously dig and underpin, in order to maintain the building’s strength and integrity whilst keeping their expansion dreams alive.

In order to carry out this work we advised that the safest and most effective way to proceed was to carefully remove an entire corner of their home, so we could tunnel underneath the property. We were commissioned to undertake both this vital part of the project and the creation of the shell.

Chris and Joanna’s home has now tripled in size to more than 150 square metres of living space. Their three-bedroom property now boasts five double bedrooms and they plan to use some of their new-found space to create both a children’s playroom and a family cinema room.

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Project notes:



Project Duration

7 months

Key Features
  • Adding a basement floor below.
  • 5 double bedroom house.
  • More than 150 square metres of living space.

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