Emma – Basement – Hove

With demanding London-based professional lives, Emma and her husband Elton had to have absolute faith in the quality of our work, as for much of the time they weren’t able to be onsite.

But despite the very high spec and complex nature of their project, we paid the greatest of attention to every tiny technical detail, so that they got exactly the space they wanted safely.

Emma and Elton owned a ground-floor flat with a partial basement. Having carried out a huge amount of complex planning we undertook a massive structural project that saw us dig down below their property to create an additional three-bedroom flat.

They were clear that they wanted natural light in the new accommodation, so we created a set of very high spec light wells to bathe it in daylight.

They were delighted with the results and now face a happy dilemma over which flat they would rather live in, for both are now very special.

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Project notes:



Project Duration

1 year

Key Features
  • High-tech specifications and complex planning
  • Natural daylight via high-spec light wells.

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