Jackie and Simon – Refurbishment & Rear Extension – Hove

We brought Jackie and Simon the wow factor.

Back in 2013, they bought a derelict 1930s semi-detached house and asked us to completely refurbish it for them. When the work was finished, Jackie and Simon were delighted with their beautifully restored home. Fast forward a few years and Jackie told us that although she loved her home, she wasn’t keen on the shape of it – there was an L-shape at the back, which made furnishing a bit of a struggle and it didn’t look great. She wanted to be able to host the whole family around a big table at Christmas, and although the house was beautiful that just wasn’t possible.

In truth we tried to talk her out of it as it would mean another major construction project on her treasured home. But as the old adage goes, the customer is always right – and on this occasion it was definitely true as the results are absolutely stunning.

Jackie got her dining space and Simon got what he wanted too. He was all for a change but didn’t want to lose the garden – and neither of them wanted to part with their beloved kitchen island, which stood right in the middle of the space they wanted to change.

We installed huge skylights that flood the place with daylight, and bi-fold doors so that you can see so much more of Simon’s garden.

Jackie says that when she walks downstairs every morning, she still thinks “wow”.

Oh, and we unpicked every little bit of the kitchen island and put it back in just as we’d found it when we were done, so everyone is very happy.

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Project notes:



Project Duration

3.5 months

Key features
  • Skylights that flood the place with daylight
  • Bi-fold doors

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