The Work/Home Divide

Posted 29th July 2022

Working from home – three words with which the population of the UK are now totally familiar and comfortable. The pandemic has practically forced so many of us to adopt the work-from-home lifestyle. Thankfully, the technology we have today allows us to be flexible with our work approach, and transition into home working in an easy manner, however that doesn’t mean that the transition from office to home was a smooth one. 


There are so many benefits to the work-from-home lifestyle. Not having to commute to work means more time in the morning for sleep, time with family, and allows you to slow yourself down a bit. You can also save money on your commute, and from spending money on food for lunch whilst you’re out. 


On the flip-side, you’ve found yourself setting up desks in bedrooms, kitchens and lounges. Paperwork now clutters every surface and you’ve probably started that clear work-life balance. The lines between work and home have become seemingly blurred, and whilst working from home is a fantastic concept, it would be nice to have a routine figured out to separate the two, right?


The Positive reports that in the past 10 years, there’s been a 91% growth of remote work, with higher levels of job satisfaction and reduced levels of burnout and psychological stress when working from home. 89% of home workers said they felt they were able to take better care of themselves. 

The Issue

With an increase in working from home, comes the necessity for a new routine. Working from home means that you no longer have that home/office divide, meaning that it’s harder to differentiate between the two and actually shut off from work when you’ve finished. Now more than ever, the importance of having a separate work/home life is apparent. When you finish work, what do you do to separate your home life from work?

Change Your Clothes

For some, something as simple as changing your clothes helps separate work from home. Although working from home can mean wearing your comfy/lounge clothes, dressing in a more smart casual way will help you feel like you’re separating your work and home life. Once you’ve finished your work day, you can change into your more comfy clothes; replicating the feeling of coming home from a days of work and changing out of your work clothes!

Separate Users on Devices

Another important thing to do is ensure that you have separate user accounts on your home devices; for example if you use your laptop for both work and leisure, set up a work profile and a home profile so you’re not tempted to peek at work when you’ve finished for the day. It’s so easy to ‘quickly check your emails’ when you’re finished working but still have access to the devices you use for work, so by ensuring you’re removing that access by having separate accounts you can leave work at work by switching users!

Be Organised

Easier said than done. But being organised can make a huge difference in both your productivity and your mental wellbeing when it comes to switching off from work. Ensure you have a dedicated workspace to work from at home, whether you set up a desk in a spare room or you’re working from your kitchen table. If the space is a temporary one for the hours which you work, ensure that when you finish you clear everything to do with work away so you’re not being reminded of work once you’ve finished for the day. 

The Great Outdoors

Fresh air is also a great way to break up your work day. Taking frequent screen breaks to keep your mind active and refreshed helps. Walking is proven to help with boosting your mental health and improve your mood; as it increases the blood flow and circulation to the brain and body. 

Build A Work Space

Even a walk to the end of your garden can work as a break up of the day so you might consider getting one of our beautiful Garden Rooms to not only maximise the space in your home, but also give you the sense of routine of having a separate office space, whilst still being in the comforts of your home! 


The most important thing is to ensure you’re creating enough of a differentiation between home and work so that you can enjoy your home without being constantly reminded of work. Whilst being a workaholic is great, time for yourself, your family and your friends is also important in maintaining a healthy balance and keeping your mentality positive! 


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