Turn Up the Heat With These 10 Ideas for Your Fireplace

Posted 5th January 2022
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Before modern boilers and radiators were introduced to our households, a fireplace was an integral part of every house and due to the new inventions, we no longer rely on the heat of the crackling wood in the fireplace; however, their comforting presence and ambience they bring to the room still keep them as one of the top-ranking design features in today’s homes. 

There are plenty of designs when it comes to fireplaces and each can provide different functions and purposes as well as aesthetics. So before jumping headfirst into installing the fireplace, it might be worth looking around and ensuring the fireplace fits your design preference as well as your lifestyle. 


Traditionally Modern 

The Bembridge by Charnwood is an eco-friendly wood-burning stove that has been designed for people who love the country-like feel in their homes. The small but compact stove is perfect for barn-like homes with its delicate design. They come in a variety of different colors to harmoniously fit with your interior aesthetics.

Contemporary fireplaces

For those who enjoy a modern, clean-looking design, the contemporary fireplace will be the way to go. Not only are they functional and powerful when turned on, but their striking design is also eye-catching yet not intrusive in smaller or larger spaces. 

This fireplace by Cocoon Fires is held by a slim long stem and creates an illusion of floating in the space. 

Floor-to-ceiling wow factor

Larger spaces usually provide more room for play and often are best suited to grand floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. Depending on the final finishes whether it is an unusual texture, shape or colour, this type of fireplace can definitely deliver a wow factor. 

When you’re choosing a stove for larger areas, don’t feel limited to installing it in a corner or against a wall.

Placing your new fire in the middle of the room can transform it into a central hub and create a stunning focal point.

Marble Fireplace

Marble has been recently enjoying a comeback as a hugely popular material to play with when decorating your home. From smaller décor pieces such as vases or plinths to larger statement elements like kitchen islands or fireplaces, marble can bring a feel of real luxury into your home. 

Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing material to use, it is also a very durable one when chosen well. You might find marble fireplaces are at a higher price point, but you will see the return on investment over the number of years the fireplace will serve you. 

Bringing the colour to the room

Although usually, fireplaces tend to be of darker and duller colours, that doesn’t mean this is the rule. There are plenty of alternatives to standard grey or black stoves.

A bold tone, like the Farringdon by Arada in Spice, can look even more striking when paired with another strong hue on your walls or furniture.

Stand out 

If you have a lot of room to play with, a stand-alone fireplace can be an interesting alternative to a traditional installation. Not only do stand alone fireplaces allow you to play with the positioning and therefore optimize the way the room is heated, but they also create interesting dynamics without the need to be overwhelming in their design. 

Fireplaces for small spaces

For smaller zones, a wall-mounted model like the NEO multifuel stove by ACR means fewer furniture legs cluttering up the floor, keeping lines clean and giving the illusion of more space.

As an additional bonus, its slimline shape utilises wall height rather than width, which works well in compact areas. 

For traditionalists 

Fires set into the chimney breast provide sleek and unobtrusive heating for contemporary looking homes. They stand the test of time and are usually favored by people who don’t want to commit to a particular design and yet they want to bring subtle statements to their homes. 

Rustic fireplaces

If you love sitting by a fireplace in a country pub then the rustic style might be right for you. Their classy and no-fuss vibes are perfect for traditional rural houses, a simple wooden mantel looks great paired with a chunky stone fireplace and a classic wood burning stove. Not only can they be beautiful and timeless designs, but they are also very durable and can stand the test of time. 

Double-sided stoves

When playing with the placement of the fireplace, who said it always has to be located against the wall. For more experimental people, featuring a fireplace in the middle of the room with the sea through glass can create a mesmerizing interior feature. This solution is perfect for zoning large open-plan areas, the divider could be protruding out from one wall or standing independently in the middle of a room, so you can walk around either side.

Whichever type of fireplace you decide to go for, you can always count on coziness, or as the Danish call it, ‘hygge’. A fireplace fills a space with warmth and ambience. They create a welcoming feeling perfect for hosting friends or spending free time with your loved ones, or simply alone with a good book. 

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